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  Name Title Group Contact
Candace Adams Adams, Candace
Melissa Adams Adams, Melissa Elementary Teacher
Brittany Alexander Alexander, Brittany Elementary Teacher
Crystal Alexander Alexander, Crystal Cafeteria Manager
Kelly Allen Allen, Kelly Secondary Teacher
Micah Allen Allen, Micah
Taylor Ballard Ballard, Taylor Teacher
Erin Bandy Bandy, Erin Secondary Teacher
Brandi Barrett Barrett, Brandi Librarian
Kaitlyn Bozeman Bozeman, Kaitlyn Elementary Teacher
Alex Brown Brown, Alex Secondary Teacher/Soccer coach and Spanish
Jessica Bullock Bullock, Jessica Elementary Teacher
Claire Calcote Calcote, Claire Resource
Beth Case Case, Beth Elementary Teacher 601-833-4041
Jason Case Case, Jason Head of School 601-833-4041
Wendi Case Case, Wendi N/A
Lindy Coleman Coleman, Lindy Elementary Teacher
Jennifer Covington Covington, Jennifer Elementary Teacher
Lisa Covington Covington, Lisa Secondary Teacher
Angie Davis Davis, Angie Pre-School Teacher
Jan Delaughter Delaughter, Jan Secondary Teacher
Casey Edwards Edwards, Casey IT Director/Secondary Teacher
Sherylyn Evans Evans, Sherylyn Elementary Computer Teacher
Kacy Everett Everett, Kacy Elementary Teacher
Dawn Freeman Freeman, Dawn Secondary Teacher
Kacy Fuller Fuller, Kacy K5 Assistant
Allesa Green Green, Allesa Resource Teacher, Elementary office
Kelly Grice Grice, Kelly 2nd grade assistant
Richard Gunter Gunter, Richard Secondary teacher History
Shelly Hambach Hambach, Shelly Food Service
Anthony Hart Hart, Anthony Althletic Director 601-833-4041
Mildred Harvey Harvey, Mildred Bus Driver
Brenda Hedgepeth Hedgepeth, Brenda Elementary Teacher
Brandi James James, Brandi 1st grade assistant 601-833-4041
Mandy Kessler Kessler, Mandy Elementary Teacher
Ron Kessler Kessler, Ron Head girls basketball coach/Assistant Head of Scho 601-833-4041
Lauren Langham Langham, Lauren Elementary Teacher
Rebecca Lea Lea, Rebecca Elementary Teacher
Dorothy LeBlanc LeBlanc, Dorothy Secondary Teacher
Kristie Lee Lee, Kristie Aid
Laura Lorraine Lorraine, Laura 1st grade Assistant
Selina Lucas Lucas, Selina Pre-School Teacher
Laura McDaniel McDaniel, Laura Jazz Production Teacher
Shannon Miller Miller, Shannon Marketing Mananger 601-833-4041
Amy Mullins Mullins, Amy Director of Finance 601-833-4041
Page Nelson Nelson, Page Elementary Principal 601-833-4041
Stefanie Orr Orr, Stefanie Health/PE
Jaymie Palmer Palmer, Jaymie Teacher/Coach
Brooklynn Parker Parker, Brooklynn Pre-School Teacher
Holli Pepper Pepper, Holli Secondary Teacher
Timmy Price Price, Timmy Maintenance Director
Keiza Reid Reid, Keiza Secondary Teacher
Ryane Rogers Rogers, Ryane Teacher
Lee Sills Sills, Lee Director of Admissions/Business Office/Records
Kellie Simmons Simmons, Kellie Pre-School Teacher
Brooks Smith Smith, Brooks History
Kristi Smith Smith, Kristi Elementary Teacher
Megan Smith Smith, Megan K4 Teacher
Terri Smith Smith, Terri Elementary Teacher
Amy Spring Spring, Amy Counselor
Randy Spring Spring, Randy Secondary Teacher
Cameron Temple Temple, Cameron Secondary Teacher
Caleb Upton Upton, Caleb Head Baseball Coach/Teacher Bible
LeAnn Waldrop Waldrop, LeAnn Secondary Admin Assistant 601-833-4041
Jenna Wall Wall, Jenna Secondary Teacher/Biology I & II/College Biololgy
Laney Wallace Wallace, Laney Elementary Art Teacher
Dianne Watson Watson, Dianne Secondary Teacher / Veterinarian 601-833-4041
Mary Camille Waycaster Waycaster, Mary Camille Elementary Teacher
Janet Whittington Whittington, Janet Elementary Teacher
Paige Wilson Wilson, Paige Elementary Teacher