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  Name Title Group Contact
Candace Adams Adams, Candace
Melissa Adams Adams, Melissa Elementary Teacher 601-833-4041
Brittany Alexander Alexander, Brittany Elementary Teacher 601-833-4041
Crystal Alexander Alexander, Crystal Cafeteria manager 601-833-4041
Kelly Allen Allen, Kelly Secondary Teacher
Micah Allen Allen, Micah Dyslexia Resource 601-757-4110
Brianna Anderson Anderson, Brianna Aftercare 6018334041
Taylor Ballard Ballard, Taylor Teacher 601-833-4041
Erin Bandy Bandy, Erin Secondary Teacher 601-833-4041
Brandi Barrett Barrett, Brandi Librarian 601-833-4041
Kaitlyn Bozeman Bozeman, Kaitlyn Elementary Teacher 601-833-4041
Alex Brown Brown, Alex Secondary Teacher/Soccer coach and Spanish
Claire Calcote Calcote, Claire Resource 601-833-4041
Beth Case Case, Beth Elementary Teacher 601-833-4041
Jason Case Case, Jason Head of School 601-833-4041
Lindy Coleman Coleman, Lindy Elementary Teacher 601-833-4041
Jennifer Covington Covington, Jennifer Elementary Teacher
Lisa Covington Covington, Lisa Secondary Teacher 601-833-4041
Deanna Culbertson Culbertson, Deanna Secondary Teacher 601-833-4041
Justin Daley Daley, Justin Secondary Teacher/Athletics 601-833-4041
Angie Davis Davis, Angie Pre-School Teacher
Jan Delaughter Delaughter, Jan Secondary Teacher
Casey Edwards Edwards, Casey IT Director/Secondary Teacher 601-833-4041
Sherylyn Evans Evans, Sherylyn Elementary Computer Teacher
Kacy Everett Everett, Kacy Elementary Teacher 601-833-4041
Dawn Freeman Freeman, Dawn Secondary Teacher
Kacy Fuller Fuller, Kacy K5 Assistant 601-833-4041
Allesa Green Green, Allesa Resource Teacher, Elementary office 601-833-4041
Kelly Grice Grice, Kelly 2nd grade assistant 601-833-4041
Shelly Hambach Hambach, Shelly Food Service 601-695-5143
Amanda Havard Havard, Amanda 601-748-2800
Brenda Hedgepeth Hedgepeth, Brenda Elementary Teacher
Ken Hedgepeth Hedgepeth, Ken Bus Driver 601-643-5145
Kayla Hill Hill, Kayla Elementary Teacher 601-529-1545
Brandi James James, Brandi Elementary Office Assistant 601-833-4041
Hunter Karas Karas, Hunter Music/Production Teacher
Mandy Kessler Kessler, Mandy Elementary Teacher
Ron Kessler Kessler, Ron Head girls basketball coach/Assistant Head of Scho 601-833-4041
Lauren Langham Langham, Lauren Elementary Teacher 601-754-8454
Rebecca Lea Lea, Rebecca Elementary Teacher
Reggie Lea Lea, Reggie Secondary Faculty/Head Football Coach
Kristie Lee Lee, Kristie Teacher Aid 601-833-4041
Laura Lorraine Lorraine, Laura 1st grade Assistant
Selina Lucas Lucas, Selina Pre-School Teacher
Andy Maddox Maddox, Andy Maintenance Director 601-382-6161
Hannah Marbury Marbury, Hannah Aftercare
Laura McDaniel McDaniel, Laura Jazz Production Teacher 601-320-8552
Lisle McKnight McKnight, Lisle Secondary janitorial 601-833-0510
Shannon Miller Miller, Shannon Marketing Mananger 601-833-4041
Amy Mullins Mullins, Amy Director of Finance 601-833-4041
Jana Nations Nations, Jana Elementary Teacher
Page Nelson Nelson, Page Elementary Principal 601-833-4041
Stefanie Orr Orr, Stefanie Health/PE 601-833-4041
Jaymie Palmer Palmer, Jaymie Teacher/Coach 601-587-2506
Holli Pepper Pepper, Holli Secondary Teacher 601-833-4041
Joseph Puckett Puckett, Joseph Secondary Teacher/Athletics
Keiza Reid Reid, Keiza Secondary Teacher 601-833-4041
Cori Robin Robin, Cori 601-833-4041
Ryane Rogers Rogers, Ryane Teacher 601-833-4041
Lee Sills Sills, Lee Director of Admissions/Business Office/Records 601-833-4041
Kellie Simmons Simmons, Kellie Teacher 601-748-5411
Brooks Smith Smith, Brooks History
Kristi Smith Smith, Kristi Elementary Teacher
Megan Smith Smith, Megan K4 Teacher 601-757-0637
Terri Smith Smith, Terri Elementary Teacher
Amy Spring Spring, Amy Counselor
Randy Spring Spring, Randy Secondary Teacher
Elizabeth Stewart Stewart, Elizabeth Secondary Teacher 214-808-5007
LeAnn Waldrop Waldrop, LeAnn Secondary Admin Assistant 601-833-4041
Jenna Wall Wall, Jenna Secondary Teacher/Biology I & II/College Biololgy 601-833-4041
Laney Wallace Wallace, Laney Elementary Art Teacher 601-833-4041
Dianne Watson Watson, Dianne Secondary Teacher / Veterinarian 601-833-4041
Josh Watts Watts, Josh Boys Basketball Coach 601-748-0148
Mary Camille Waycaster Waycaster, Mary Camille Elementary Teacher 769-226-9948
Paula Welch Welch, Paula Pre-School Teacher 601-757-9777
Janet Whittington Whittington, Janet Elementary Teacher
Paige Wilson Wilson, Paige Elementary Teacher 601-833-4041