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Get Involved!

Club Meetings

We meet the first Monday of each month at 12:00 noon in the board room at BA. The board room is located in the Development Office (across the hall from the library). Please enter through the high school entrance.  All club members and potential members are invited! 

Monday, April 3rd 

Monday, May 1st 

Club Officers 

Grand Cougar Club President - Debbie Smith 601-757-4193

Vice President - Jimminette Phillips 

Secretary - June Sandifer

Treasurer - Sandra Martin 

Membership Chair - Jackie Owens  

How to stay connected? 

Stay connected with the Grand Cougar Club, with the Group Me App! Download the Group Me app and ask join!



Grand Cougar Club apparel available to members! 

T-shirts $15

Long Sleeve Shirt $20 

Sweatshirt $25 

Club activities and fundraisers 

  • Bake Sales 
  • T-Shirt Sales 
  • Grandparents Day 
  • Assisting the school with projects

2023-24 Membership Form