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BA Uniform

Visit Lands' End at to order your BA uniforms! 

All Items shown on the Brookhaven Academy section of the Land’s End website are available for purchase as approved items under the uniform policy/dress code including:

-Polo/Golf Shirts
-Girls Plaid Jumpers
-Outerwear (including sweatshirts & fleece pullovers/jackets)
-Khaki and plaid pants/skirts/shorts***

*Khaki Pants/Skirts/Shorts/Shoes/Belt/Accessories may be purchased from vendor of choice and must follow the dress code.  If purchased from Land’s End, items are already approved under dress code.

Are uniform items required to have the BA logo as part of the uniform requirement? Yes, the logo is required on shirts and outerwear.

When will students be required to wear uniforms? Uniforms will only be required during normal school hours unless otherwise specified by the activity sponsor or teacher if off campus or after normal school hours.

Please see the Brookhaven Academy handbook for full dress code information.