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Parquet Club


The new parquet wood floor was installed over the original floor in the summer of 2016



Brookhaven Academy administration and the Brookhaven Academy Educational Foundation (BAEF) Board of Trustees formed the Parquet Club in December 2015 to raise funds needed to install a new wood basketball floor in John R. Gray Gymnasium. To honor the 43-year-old parquet floor that holds so many memories for everyone, school administrators have authorized a new 9-inch square parquet floor will closely resemble the current 6-inch squares.

The new floor will be installed over the original floor and will feature state-of-the-art subfloor design while the top layer will maintain the charm and uniqueness that our parquet floor has always held. The Facilities and Technology board committee received and reviewed bids from several flooring companies and ultimately trusted Sports Floors in Memphis with our installation.

Please consider joining the Parquet Club by purchasing a square in your family name, business, or in memoriam, for $250. When the Parquet Club reaches 100% full membership (260 available squares) then work will begin on a permanent marker to be installed, which will commemorate this major event in our school’s history. Please secure your squares by Friday, March 4. 

**Your gift to BAEF is 100% tax deductible. make checks payable to BAEF**

If you are a current BA family and you would like to charge your account then please contact Brian Emory with the amount of squares you would like to purchase. Please call Brian Emory (601-665-7884) to make arrangements to use cash or a card. 

**The Parquet Club is a one-time fundraising event. It is not a basketball club that will operate similar to the Cougar Boosters. You are not purchasing an actual piece of the old floor or the new floor.