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Alumni Basketball Event


The 2nd Annual Alumni basketball event (2016) was amazing! We said goodbye to the 44-year old basketball floor

All of Brookhaven Nation is invited to the original-gym-floor send off party and alumni basketball games on Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 10am to noon in the gym. If you have ever stepped foot on the hallowed hardwood then please don't miss this special event!

Now is your last chance to step foot on the 44-year-old parquet wood floor one more time before the new and improved parquet wood floor is delivered on May 16. You will be al­lowed to write or paint directly on the floor, add team rosters, key dates or even memorialize big shots, and/or write your name on "your spot" of the floor where you liked to shoot from. We've held graduations, dances, junior productions and many other events in this building. Think of it as a time capsule for the next generation to unearth 40 years from now.

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to remove any of the wood flooring because it will serve as a base for the new subfloor and wood surface. You cannot use any materials that will raise the height of the floor by any amount. Photos stuck to the floor will be allowed.

This event is free of charge to the Brookhaven Nation, however, we still have some parquet club squares available for purchase at the event for $250 each. The Parquet Club was established to fund the new gym floor installation. Each "square" of the new gym floor is for sale for $250 each.

Brookhaven Academy administration and the Brookhaven Academy Educational Foundation (BAEF) Board of Trustees formed the Parquet Club in December 2015 to raise funds needed to install a new wood basketball floor in John R. Gray Gym­nasium. To honor the 43-year-old parquet floor that holds so many memories for everyone, school administrators have authorized a new 9-inch square parquet floor will closely resemble the current 6-inch squares.

The new floor will be installed over the original floor and will feature state-of-the-art subfloor design while the top layer will maintain the charm and uniqueness that our par­quet floor has always held. The board’s Facilities and Technology Committee received and reviewed bids from several flooring companies and ultimately selected Sports Floors of Memphis with our installation.

Please consider joining the Parquet Club by purchasing a square in your family name, business, or in memoriam, for $250. When the Parquet Club reaches 100% full membership (260 available squares) work will begin on a permanent marker to be installed. The marker will commemorate this major event in our school’s history. Your gift to BAEF is 100% tax deduct­ible. Make checks payable to BAEF.

The alumni game and shooting contests will begin at 10am with the free throw shootout and 3-pt shootout. These contests are ideal for the basketball alums of all ages that don't want to ever "run the floor" again! Tim Winborne beat Ricky Allen to win the free throw contest and Jeremy Winborne narrowly edged out challengers in the 3-pt shootout last year.

The actual games include members from the 70's-2000's teaming up to form evenly matched teams and then playing two 5-minute running clock halves, and more if they're up to it!

Call 601-665-7884 for more info.

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